I’m in a bit of a financial rut since I need $3,582.72 to get some dental surgery done. I have to get two root canals done on one molar and one bicuspid as well as three crowns done. I don’t have any form of dental or medical insurance to have them take care of it for me, but the dental office I visited offers a 40% off discount for those in my current situation. But that total I listed above is after that discount.

So this is where I cut to the chase. I’m going to be advertising my armsock commissions even more than before to try and get the money myself. I have added a button to the side of my blog to accept donations, but I know that everyone is a little strapped for cash. Plus, I really hate just asking people for money… especially so much..

Armsock Prices

  • $45 For a basic pair to be shipped in the U.S. (+$10 outside of the U.S)
  • $55 For a pair with nails to be shipped in the U.S. (+$10 outside of the U.S)
  • $65 for a pair of you want anything special done to the nails Ex. claws or special polish (+$10 outside of the U.S)

If you’re interested in commissioning these, I need the following information from you.

  • Tights Color
  • Due Date
  • Shipping Address

If you need them before a month then there might be an additional charge to have them ship faster.

If you’re unable to commission or donate, please signal boost this as much as you can?? Thank you all in advance

Also, since my donation button does not want to work here is my paypal address if you’d like to make any sort of donation. Really, every dollar helps guys.